Cities and Towns in Anderson County, South Carolina

List of all Cities and Towns in Anderson County, South Carolina

Anderson County is a county located in the state of South Carolina, United States. Its county seat is Anderson, and the county is situated in the northwestern part of the state.

Anderson County is known for its beautiful natural scenery, including the shorelines of Lake Hartwell and Lake Russell, and it’s part of the Upstate region of South Carolina. The city of Anderson serves as the county’s administrative and commercial hub.


  1. Anderson (County Seat)
  2. Belton
  3. Starr

Towns in Anderson County

  1. Pendleton
  2. Williamston
  3. Honea Path
  4. Iva
  5. Pelzer
  6. West Pelzer


In Anderson County, South Carolina, there are no incorporated villages. The primary types of populated areas you’ll find in Anderson County are cities and towns, as mentioned earlier. Villages are not a common form of local government in South Carolina, so there are no villages within Anderson County.

Quick Facts

Location Northwestern part of South Carolina
County Seat Anderson
Founded 1826
Named After Robert Anderson, Revolutionary War hero
Area Approximately 757 square miles (1,962 km²)
Population In 2022: around 202,558
Major Industries Manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and tourism
Notable Landmarks Lake Hartwell, Clemson University, Anderson University, and historic sites
Climate Warm summers, mild winters, and moderate rainfall
Economy Diverse economy with manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare sectors
Education Home to Clemson University and Anderson University, offering educational options
Natural Beauty Scenic lakes, parks, and outdoor recreational opportunities
Cost of Living Generally lower than many other parts of the United States


Is Anderson SC a City or Town?

Anderson, South Carolina, is a city, not a town. It is the largest city in Anderson County and serves as the county seat. Anderson is located in the northwestern part of South Carolina and is known for its historical significance and its role as a commercial and cultural center in the region.

What is Anderson County SC known for?

Anderson County, South Carolina, is known for several notable features and attributes:
  1. Historical Significance: Anderson County has a rich historical heritage. The area played a significant role during the American Civil War and has historical sites related to the war, such as Andersonville, which was a Confederate military prison.
  2. Clemson University: The county is home to Clemson University, one of South Carolina’s major public research universities. Clemson University is known for its academic programs, sports teams, and research activities.
  3. Natural Beauty: The county is known for its natural beauty, with scenic lakes such as Lake Hartwell and Lake Russell, offering opportunities for outdoor activities like boating, fishing, and camping.
  4. Manufacturing: Anderson County has a diverse economy with a strong emphasis on manufacturing. It is known for hosting various manufacturing facilities and companies, contributing to the local economy.
  5. Educational Institutions: Besides Clemson University, Anderson County is home to Anderson University, a private university offering a range of educational programs.
  6. Community and Culture: Anderson County has a strong sense of community and cultural activities. It hosts events, festivals, and cultural attractions that showcase the local heritage and arts.
  7. Cost of Living: The county is often recognized for its relatively lower cost of living compared to larger cities, making it an attractive place for residents seeking affordability.
  8. Recreational Opportunities: The area offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, including parks, hiking trails, and access to outdoor sports. The proximity to lakes and rivers adds to the recreational appeal.
Anderson County, South Carolina Map
Anderson County, South Carolina Map

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