Cities and Communities in Wichita County, Kansas

List of All Cities and Communities in Wichita County, Kansas

Wichita County is located in the southwestern part of the state of Kansas, USA. It is situated in the High Plains region and shares its borders with the state of Colorado to the west and the state of Oklahoma to the south.


  • Leoti (County Seat)

Communities in Wichita County, Kansas

  • Marienthal
  • Selkirk

Wichita County, Kansas Quick Facts

  • County Seat: Leoti
  • Established: February 26, 1886
  • Named After: Wichita Indians
  • Area: 719 square miles (1,861 square kilometers)
  • Population (2020): 1,978
  • Major City: Leoti
  • Geographic Features: Arkansas River, Little Basin, Horse Thief Reservoir
  • Economy: Agriculture, cattle ranching
  • Notable Landmarks: Wichita County Courthouse, Buffalo Dunes Golf Course
  • Major Industries: Agriculture, cattle ranching
  • Official Website:

Who was Wichita County named after?

Wichita County is named after the Wichita Indians, a Native American tribe that historically inhabited the region. The name reflects the area’s indigenous heritage.

What is the main economic activity there?

Agriculture, particularly cattle ranching, is a predominant economic activity in Wichita County. The county’s economy is closely tied to livestock farming.

Are there recreational opportunities in Wichita County?

Yes, Wichita County offers recreational opportunities, including outdoor activities along the Arkansas River and the presence of Horse Thief Reservoir. Buffalo Dunes Golf Course is also a notable attraction.

How can I learn about the history of Wichita County?

The Wichita County Courthouse serves as a historical landmark, and visitors can explore the region’s history through local archives and historical societies.

Where can I find information about local government services and events in Wichita County?

The official website of Wichita County, Kansas provides information about local government services, events, and community resources. Residents and visitors can find relevant information and contact details on the website.

Wichita County, Kansas Map
Wichita County, Kansas Map

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