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George Lopez Finds a Perfect Match

Ann Lopez told her husband, “I’ll give you one of mine,” when they found out he needed a kidney transplant. He mistook her for a liar. The comedian, not his wife, is George Lopez, star of ABC’s The George Lopez Show.

So, on a Tuesday morning in April of 2005, just before sunrise, the Lopezes arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where they were readied for surgery in adjacent rooms. Ann gave George a note and a rosary just before she was carried into the operating room, her procedure was first.

Ann says, “I wrote that I was doing this out of love and that I believed in the operation.” “To me, this was about us, about Mayan, but George comes from a very broken family and had a horrible background, so it was difficult for him to comprehend that someone would give him the gift of life.”

Ann recalls feeling elated, even fearless, and eager to get the procedure over with. George is not one of them.

“It was more difficult for him because I was taken first,” Ann explains, knowing that her husband was concerned about her safety.

“I was weeping,” George says, “and I thanked her and told her I loved her.” “I was more worried about her than about myself.” Ann’s surgery took roughly two and a half hours. George’s more difficult surgery took five hours. Both were a huge success. The Lopezes lay in separate hospital rooms that night, fatigued and in pain but grateful that it was over, and talked on the phone.

Ann told George, “I adore you.” “We’ve crossed over to the other side.”

Kidney Disease: A Day in the Life
It was difficult to get to the opposite side. Doctors told George in April 2004 that the procedure would take place the following April. But first, there was The George Lopez Show, which needed to be shot for 24 episodes. The comic was used to spending long hours on the road and on his hit program, which initially aired in 2002. His rise to stardom on the stand-up circuit was aided in no small part by his grueling traveling schedule. Nothing, however, had prepared him for this.

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