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New Rolls Royce Ghost Debuts Today with a Spectacular and Distilled Design

Rolls Royce has debuted an all-new second-generation version of one of its most successful cars over the past eleven years. The all-new Ghost is 90mm longer than its predecessor at 5549mm. And also 30mm wider than its predecessor. The luxurious car is being powered by a specially adapted version of the 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 engine which was introduced with the Cullinan. Thereby replacing the outgoing model’s 6.6 ltr uni. But offering unchanged power (563bhp) with a torque of 10% more, topping up to 627lb ft.

Rolls Royce Ghost Frontal view
The Ghost is claimed to be the most high-tech model yet, with a commensurate entry price of 208,000 Pounds. It comes with a standard four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. It is highly comfortable and impressive not to talk of its noise reduction. The new Ghost represents all of what Rolls Royce stands for, simplicity, comfortability, reliability, and most especially satisfaction. According to Henry Cloke (Rolls Designer), who first articulated the post-opulence idea. “The flexibility of the new frame allows the Ghost its impressively short front overhang. (This, in turn, improves handling by allowing the engine’s weight to be entirely carried inside the wheelbase). And also it adds about 30 mm of body width while maintaining a simple body design.

Exterior design
The car’s new Light Emitting Diode (LED) and laser adaptive headlights have not just a simple but technical design. It has the letter “R” imprinted on the back headlight.

Rolls Royce Ghost Rear view
According to Acoustics lead engineer Tom Davis-Reason, the car’s extraordinary acoustic quality is underpinned by Rolls-Royce’s aluminum architecture. He also said that there’s no way that they could’ve created such an acoustically refined environment using a steel platform. Rolls Royce’s engineers have accessed and tuned every component, with the seat frames inclusive to a specific resonant frequency that they call “the whisper”. A subtle undertone that occupants experience as a single note.

Interior Design
The new Ghost has all the latest electronic parking. An 18-channel, visibility, and driver-assist features, along with a 1300W premium audio system. However, they said that the challenge has been to ensure that the Ghost’s relatively complex functions can be operated by simple controls. That is a theme carried over from the previous model. 20 leather half-tides cover each cabin and there are 338 trim panels whose quality closely match one another.

Rolls Royce Ghost Leather chair
Meanwhile, an optional “starlight” headliner carries hidden integral exciter speakers that can, in turn, turn the whole headlining into a speaker.

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