Most Fuel-Efficient Cars - For 2020

Most Fuel-Efficient Cars – For 2020

Most Fuel-Efficient Cars – For 2020

Today’s articles revolve around Low Fuel Consumption Cars. The problem many people these days are facing currently is just purchasing a vehicle but also refilling the vehicle. So in order for you to minimize your expenses, you need to find fuel-efficient cars (low fuel consumption). No one will want to keep wasting too much money on purchasing fuel that won’t last long.


If you wish to know cars around you that will aid in saving your money by consuming less fuel then keep scrolling for knowledge is power.

Low Fuel Consumption Cars

Here Are List Of Some Cool cars with Low Fuel Consumption

Hyundai Sonata

It is a very comfortable car. The price of the car is really affordable. It is one of the best fuel economy cars. It is very easy to handle and has a range of 8.5 kilometers per litre to 13.9 kilometers per ltr in an economical range.

Toyota Camry

They are considered one of the most popular cars in Nigeria as it is very affordable for us to purchase. Even an average Nigerian can purchase a Toyota Camry.

Toyota company has really made a name here in Nigeria. It is very cheap to maintain compared to other car brands. This vehicle first came to Nigeria in the late ’90s.

The estimated range of fuel is said to be within the range of 9.8 kilometers per litres and 13.6 kilometers per litre.

Toyota Corolla

This is a very comfortable and unique car. Comes in different models and also has good handling when it comes to sprinting.

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It is really spacious as it gives the driver chance to be comfortable while driving. Its quite affordable for an average citizen and also, it comes in different colors and designs.

It is quite attractive and glossy when it is new. Its fuel economy ranges from about 10 kilometers per litre to about 14 kilometers per litre.

Kia Forte

This particular car is manufactured by a Korean company and also a dream car for many people. It looks quite similar to the Hyundai Elantra in its body structure.

It is made by KIA, one of the Korean best car manufacturing company. This car is also very good at drifting. The estimated fuel ranges from about 10.7 kilometers to 14.5 kilometers per litre.

Mazda 3

Mazda 3 also called Mazda Axela in Japanese form is a car manufactured by a Japanese company. its first introduction was in 2003 when it was said to be a 2004 model. it was introduced in the North American market as the Mazdaspeed, in Europe as Mazda 3 MPS, and in japan as Axela.

its second generation was revealed in late 2008 as the 2009 model. Mazda started to offer the Mazda 3 with its newly developed SkyActiv technology.

Adding a stronger body, a 6-speed transmission, and a new direct-injection engine. Then the 3rd generation was unveiled in the middle of 2013 as a model for 2014.

While the 4th generation of Mazda 3 was released on the November of 2018 as a brand new model for 2019 at an auto-show in Los-Angeles, and also the Singapore motor show.

The 2019 model was fully equipped with cool recently developed SkyActiv technology. its estimated fuel range varies about 10.5 kilometers per litre to 13.9 kilometers per litre.

Civic Honda

It is among the line of cars manufactured by Honda company. There have been different changes made on it according to its generation.

It is now growing from being smaller in size compared to other cars to be larger. The new version of this car is no longer sub-compact like the older versions used to be. It currently falls in between the Honda Accord and Honda City.

It is one of the oldest cars still in existence as its first generation which was introduced as a two-door model was introduced far back as of July of 1972.

Then followed by a three-door hatchback in that September. It still provides good internal space even though it has an overall small dimension.

Its range of fuel consumption goes from 12.3 kilometers per litre to 13.9 kilometers per litre. It is among the cars with a very strong engine.

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