Marketing Techniques For Auto Insurance

Marketing Techniques For Auto Insurance

Marketing Techniques For Auto Insurance – Have you noticed that all of the major insurance companies — Progressive, State Farm, Geico, and Allstate – use humor in their television commercials? Flo is with Progressive. J.K. Simmons works at State Farm. Geico’s geck is exceptionally soft. Mayhem is owned by Allstate. Those amusing TV commercials aren’t cheap, and you have to question how efficient they are at persuading people to buy vehicle insurance. What is the return on investment for Allstate on Dean Winters’ stunt double falling down a flight of stairs? Is it important to spend a lot of money on insurance marketing?

Yes, according to Google. CPCs for insurance-related keywords are ridiculously high – on the order of $55 if you want to be precise. So, even if you’re not an insurance behemoth willing to spend a little fortune on a sassy reptile to be the face of your company, your marketing efforts will be costly. Fortunately for you, WordStream knows a thing or two about internet advertising strategies in this cutthroat sector.

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To begin, use some trusted remarketing lists for search advertisements to get around those outrageous CPCs (RLSA). For those that employ this method, you can alter your bid in AdWords whenever a prospect on your remarketing list searches for something that matches one of your keywords. Let’s imagine someone comes to your site while looking for a car insurance quotation. The bounce will come at some point.

Instead of remarketing via the display network and catching that prospect when they aren’t interested in buying auto insurance, you can bid up when they search your keyword again, thanks to RLSA. This provides you a leg up on the competition when it comes to securing a high-intent prospect.

One of the difficulties of competing in sponsored search against large brands is that you can’t harness the force of their names in your ad wording. As a result, when compared to your most significant competitors’ commercials, yours appear bland. Instead, use the power of positivity to your advantage! In 2017, WordStream looked into successful ad copy to see what makes it so effective.

One exciting discovery was that nearly half of the most successful search advertising included positive language in their material. Experiment with different techniques to incorporate positive emotion into your advertisements and see how they perform!

Ad creative isn’t one-size-fits-all; achieving high conversion rates requires the capacity to collect demographic data and adjust your creative direction to your target audience. So, if you use the AdWords demographic tools and discover that your advertising converts best among ladies aged 40 to 60, you know it’s time to toss out the original concepts you came up with for boys aged 12 to 18.

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When you’re advertising for keywords with CPCs over $50, failing to adjust your creative according to your target audience is like tossing money out the window.

Lastly, if you can’t go any higher with your existing high keyword bids, use some tried-and-true SEO techniques to increase your standing in organic search results. It’s never a terrible idea to create fantastic content — a little cartoon, some client testimonials, for example. It will increase visitors to your site, provide more opportunities to gather leads, and offer your brand some personality.

Additionally, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and straightforward to navigate. As time goes on, your prospects will spend more and more time on their mobile devices; provide them with the quick, simple experience they require.

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