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 How to Maintain Your Car Brakes

You need to know how to maintain your car brakes or else you will need to repair it quite often. Many people know how to ride a car but don’t know how to maintain a  car.

The brake is one of the most important parts of a car. You can bear with me that one whose car has a loosed brake won’t be able to go anywhere with it. As it is a very risky thing to do. The brakes of a car should be checked at least thrice a year for optimum performance. The brake is what slows you down when driving. Most car accidents are being caused by brake failure.

Now that you have known that the brake of a car is very important. You also need to know how to maintain your car brakes. Before going into details, there are some certain parts/aspects that you need to know when relating to car brakes. But first of all.

What is a brake?

A brake is a mechanical device that restrains movement by engrossing energy from a moving system.
Which is accomplished by means of friction.

What Does The Car Brake Comprise Of

The Car Brake Comprises of:

  • The Brake Pad
  • Brake Shims
  • The Brake Rotors
  • Brake Calipers

All these and so many other things are what make up a brake.

Now let’s discuss them one after the other.

Brake Pad

Brake Pads are parts of disk brakes. They are being used in automotive and other applications.

Brake Pad

And they are composed of steel backing plates with friction material vaulted to the surface that is directly facing the disc brake rotor. Through friction, they convert kinetic energy from the vehicle to thermal energy.

Brake Shims

The Brake shims are rubber adhesive or thin metal pads that fit the brake caliper and the brake pads This was in order to rectify small differences that leads to noise sometimes.

Brake Shims

Brake Rotors

Brake Rotors are those circular discs that are connected to each Wheel(2 in front and 2 in at the back).

Maintain Your Car Brakes

They are designed to turn kinetic energy(motion) into heat(thermal energy). The rotor’s large surface area creates friction as the calipers squeeze the brake pads together.

Brake Calipers

On a simple note. A brake caliper is what supports the caliper bracket or in other words, it gives the car the ability to stop.

Maintain Your Car Brakes

How To Maintain Your Car Brakes

Below are some ways you can maintain your car brakes.

Checking Your Brake Pads And Brake Rotors

Brake pads and rotors are both the contact between the braking system and your tires. They require frequent maintenance as they deteriorate more easily. The heat caused by the friction between the brake pads and the tires wears down the brake pad. You need to check your brake and brake pad at least twice per year. If they are worn out or you feel that they can’t be able to work properly then you need to have them replaced.

Be Wary Of Warning Signs

You need to watch and listen for warning signs. These may include strange brake noises, unusual noises, etc.. Which may indicate a huge problem that needs to be checked out immediately.

Brake Fluid

The vehicle’s brake fluid is an important part as it is responsible for absorbing water and also transferring heat to the calipers and all parts of the brake system. It is extremely important as it is the messenger between your car’s braking system and you. Which is why it needs to be checked regularly. You need to have the fluid flushed if it turns to dark color.

Line Bleed

It is good to bleed the brake lines as it removes excess air. It won’t be good for even a little amount of air to be trapped inside the brake line as it can reduce the effectiveness of the braking system.

This works by depressing the brake pedal while adjusting the bleeder valve. And it needs to be done every 2 to 3 years.

Braking Unnecessarily

You need to avoid braking also. You need to keep a safe distance ahead of them. If possible just overtake but remember to horn before overtaking

Slow Down

Try slowing down before applying your brakes while driving. This will aid in preserving your car brakes by reducing the pressure on them.

Brake Parts Replacement

It is sometimes necessary to replace some parts of your braking system as it increases your safety. And this can also be very good as it gives your car braking system the opportunity to be upgraded to higher performance. This will aid in improving the lifespan of the braking system and the car in general.

Good Quality

While purchasing a brake, try investing the cash in good and reliable brakes. Though the brake might cost you extra cash it is worth it.They will make a great difference in terms of durability, effectiveness, efficiency, and most importantly your safety.

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