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Car Performance, Ways To Maintain And Boost Your Car Performance

Let’s talk about Ways To Maintain And Boost Your Car Performance. The only way to know car effectiveness is based on its performance. The performance of a car can only be certain based on how properly you maintain your car. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your car.

Car Performance/How To Maintain Your Car
Check the engine oil properly. Regular checking of the engine oil will help you to notice if there’s any leakage or when you need to add oil, Make sure that you don’t overfill.

Checking of air pressure in the tire before you engage on any long road trip, use the tire pressure gauge to check the inflation in each of the tires.

Check the breaks of your vehicle regularly. You need to replace all excessive worn out linings or pads. The brakes of your vehicle should be checked at least twice per year or more if you drive a lot of miles quite often.

Check the exhaust system in case of some rusted parts that need replacing. Pay attention to changes in the exhaust sound if you are driving. it will be better to replace the whole entire system at once instead of repairing some parts at different intervals.

Check the radiator at intervals: You need to annihilate overheating by removing debris with water and a soft brush outside of the radiator by adding detergent.

Inspect the battery: Check the battery cables and terminals in order to be sure that they are attached securely.

How To Boost Your Car Performance
Car performance is being determined by engine power. Car engines are different based on the model of the car. There are different types of car engines. You can specify your car engine’s type by taking a good look at the cylinder layout.
Here is the list of some of them:

Inline Engine: In this type of engine, you will see all the cylinders arranged in a line. They normally face upward which is perpendicular to the car. You can see this type of configuration settings on the engines of a small car or a hatchback car. the cylinder straightly arranged in this type of engine.

VEE Engine: From the front side of this type of engine, it is being arranged like “V”. All of the cylinders are being faced outward. This type of engine is expected to be seen in high-performance cars. That is because it allows squeezing in more cylinders.

VR and W Engine: This specific type of engine is being developed by the Volkswagen group of companies. Its principal basis is exactly the same as that of those laid down for the “V” engines. The space in this type of engine is very narrow. This narrow space makes the cylinder for these engines to be squeezed so close in one block. The reason why it is being called “VR” and “W” is that its configuration is “W” while its engines are “VR”. This type of engine and its configuration is rarely used in any modern car.

Straight Engine: The arrangement of the cylinder in this type of engine is being placed parallel to the car. High-class cars like BMW and Mercedes use this type of car engines with cylinders positioned parallel to the car.

Rotary Engine: This type of engine uses Rotors. I know that you might be thinking if it uses rotors will it also use pistons? the fact of the matter is that this type of engine doesn’t use pistons. This type of engine is smaller compared to others. Its central rotor only turns in one direction. Due to its one direction programmed movement, it will be producing all OTTO strokes which are four in number. These 4 OTTO strokes include power, compression, intake, and efficiency of the exhaust when running. You can find this type of car engine on car-like: Models and Mazda RX.

Flat Or Boxer Engine: This type of engine is being positioned horizontally. Their cylinders are being laid down on their side. The two cylinders don’t face each other which means that they are simply looking away from each other.

This position of theirs allows their gravitational force to be placed on a low level. The low level of gravity aids in the handling. Cars like Porsche brand use this arrangement position for the cylinders in their brand of cars.

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