Tips and Tricks of Energy Marketing

Tips and Tricks of Energy Marketing

Tips and Tricks of Energy Marketing – Dunkin’ Donuts – sometimes shortened to Dunkin’, Dunkies, or Dunks – reigns supreme in the imaginations of many Boston coffee aficionados for reasons unknown. Everyone believes the propagandist noise narrative that “America runs on Dunkin’,” from Red Sox hero David Ortiz to your completely dull cousin Becky. Becky, it turns out, is a liar. The United States of America does not run on Dunkin’ Donuts. A variety of factors fuels the United States of America.

To be specific, petroleum, natural gas, coal, renewable energy sources, and nuclear materials. That list is in descending order from most popular to least popular as of last year.

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Fossil fuels include petroleum, coal, and natural gas, and they have long dominated the American energy sector, both in terms of consumption and production. After a gradual drop from 1970 to 2008, domestic crude oil production began to rise again in 2009, reaching new highs in 2015 and 2017. Coal production has followed a similar pattern, peaking in 2016 before rebounding the following year. Recent growing trends in each of these industries can be attributed to technological advancements that make production more efficient and cost-effective.

Fear not, lovers of trees, birds, frogs, and bees: renewable energy output and consumption – solar, wind, and hydropower – achieved historic highs in 2017. Both fossil fuels and renewable energy sources are on the rise, which may seem paradoxical. That’s because Americans enjoy consuming a lot of stuff, and that amount is increasing every year. RENT’s ensemble weeps gently.

While energy demands continue to rise year after year, the rising number of options presents a challenge to marketers in many industries. So how do you persuade customers that your product is the best?

Let’s face it: advertisers trying to sell fossil fuels are fighting a losing battle. Environmental awareness is becoming a more powerful force in the lives of energy consumers. Nobody wants to contribute to climate change, even if few people are out on the front lines planting trees and repopulating bee colonies. What is your most significant advantage? The use of fossil fuels is the norm. Many Americans are unwilling to invest the time and effort required to research renewable energy and make the change. Emphasize that using fossil fuels is the less expensive and more accessible option.

You can also choose the dynamic approach. For example, to make customers feel patriotic, use the iconic image of an American coal worker. The easier your work becomes, the more you can equate coal production with the American spirit.

It’s also no stroll in the park to promote green energy. Sure, you may use the environmental benefits of solar panels and wind turbines to entice customers. Furthermore, renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly affordable, where there is no practical cost advantage to remaining with fossil fuels. However, as previously stated, shifting to renewable energy sources necessitates much research and preparation. Unfortunately, Americans are busy, and only the most dedicated environmentalists are ready to devote their time to the cause.

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Nonetheless, there is a rising market for household renewable energy sources, as well as a variety of ways to use them. In your search headlines, remember to provide precise solutions. Use phrases like “Cut Your Utilities Bill Now” to appeal to your frugal prospects and “Eliminate Your Carbon Footprint Today” to appeal to the environmentally conscious. You’ll almost certainly have to remarket as well. That’s because purchasing solar panels isn’t a simple decision. Expect searchers to visit your site and then go without taking any action. Make use of the display network to keep your business in front of prospective’ minds while they consider it. Use RLSA as well (remarketing lists for search ads). This strategy allows you to increase your keyword bids when a remarketing prospect searches for something related to your product again. You’ll be able to zero in on customers who consistently show a strong desire to buy.

Renewable energy marketers can also take a dynamic approach. For example, to offer prospects a clearer picture of what fossil fuels do to the environment, use video commercials. Show evidence of all the good that solar, wind and hydroelectric power can do for the globe in contrast to these upsetting photos. These strategies won’t convert everyone, but they’ll undoubtedly make an impact.

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