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Tips And Tricks For iPhone Marketing

Tips And Tricks For iPhone Marketing – In terms of profitability, Apple is one of the most profitable companies in history. Approximately 18 percent of worldwide smartphone volume and 86 percent of global smartphone revenues are attributed to the business. It’s easy to overlook how great its first decade in the twenty-first century was. The iPod, the iTunes Store, the MacBook, the iPad, and, most critically, the iPhone are all examples of modern technology. In years, ground-breaking, earth-shattering items of technology were released.

Then there was AppleTV, and then there was the Apple Watch. It’s also not horrible. In any of the following decades, Apple shows no signs of slowing down. For years, marketers and technologists alike have been trying to figure out how they’ve done it.

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It’s relatively straightforward. According to Scott Galloway, professor of marketing at NYU and author of the Four, Apple has successfully positioned its products as luxuries. They’ve tapped into the same human tendency that drives the wealthy to buy sports cars and high-end watches: the need to amass beautiful, expensive items as a means of increasing their attractiveness. As a result, the iPhone has become a prestige symbol in recent years. It’s seductive. Customers purchase iPhones in part because they want to be seen with them.

Consider the Apple Store. Despite detractors’ dire predictions that Apple was crazy to enter the brick-and-mortar business, the Apple Store has been a huge success. Why? Because it’s an adventure. Consumers get a high from walking inside that clean, minimalist structure and perusing the most beautiful smartphones on the market. It’s the same as walking into a Maxfield or Gucci store.

In another way, Apple’s phenomenal success is a tribute to the power of branding. Other smartphone firms’ marketing departments, such as Samsung’s, LG’s, and Lenovo’s, are left wondering how they might capture even more market share.

The list of terms you see above, believe it or not, isn’t a brilliant place to start. Bidding on Apple’s trademarked phrases is a highly costly and futile technique. Even if your company could outbid Apple on its own branded keywords, it wouldn’t be worth it because not enough of their devoted clients would convert to yours.

Instead, conduct competitive keyword research to see which non-branded terms Apple is willing to pay for. Then, for your top advertising, set greater bids. You’ll need ad extensions if you want to capture a prospect’s attention genuinely. These allow you to list all of the fantastic qualities your product has that the iPhone does not. Making the most of the actual space on your search engine results page (SERP) will boost your click-through rate (CTR). As a result, your Quality Score will rise, and your performance in the ad rankings will improve.

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Long-tail keywords should not be overlooked. These are more precise, lengthier keywords that bring in highly relevant traffic in smaller quantities. The “best smartphone for capturing pictures” is a good example. They’re the polar opposite of broad keywords like “smartphone,” which generate a lot of less relevant traffic. Bidding on long-tail keywords is a best practice because targeting a more relevant audience results in higher click-through rates (CTRs), higher conversion rates, cheaper cost per click (CPCs), and more efficient ad spend.

So, by bidding on competitive and long-tail keywords, you successfully drive clicks. Your landing pages must now be optimized. Custom landing pages are a highly effective strategy that far too few marketers employ. The idea is that each of your keywords (and thus each of your advertising) should lead to a different landing page. For example, the ads for “quick charging smartphone” and “top processing smartphone” should go to various landing sites. This strategy works because it satisfies consumers’ desire for highly personalized and relevant advertising. Furthermore, more relevant landing pages result in higher Quality Scores and improved ad ranks.

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