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This week’s top stocks to watch are Meyer, MTN, and Seplat.

Last week, the Nigerian Exchange was overwhelmed with quarterly and half-year corporate results, especially on Friday, July’s last weekday, with multiple good earnings, declared accompanying dividends by a majority of the corporations that normally pay dividends more than once a year.

PREMIUM TIMES has compiled a list of stocks with strong fundamentals and other possibilities, using essential analytical techniques to spare you the time and effort of buying equities at random.

The selection, which is the result of an analytical market watch, provides a roadmap for entering the market and taking strategic positions in the hopes of increasing the value of shares over time, particularly in the short term.
This is not advice to buy, sell, or hold. Before making any investment decisions, you may need to consult with your financial advisor.


Meyer is at the top of this week’s list of stocks to watch, thanks to the board’s decision to issue an interim dividend of N1.50 per share to shareholders. That’s more than double the stock’s previous closing price of N0.59 per share.


On Friday, MTNN announced its interim dividend schedule, which includes a cash payment of N4.55 per share to stockholders who held the company’s stock by August 19. The deadline for payment is August 27.


Seplat said last week that it will pay an interim dividend of US2.5 cents per share to shareholders of its shares listed on the Nigerian Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. Beneficiaries whose names appear on the company’s membership list by August 12 will be paid on or around September 13th.


Custodian will pay a N0.10 dividend per share to stockholders in the first half of 2021. Investors who own the company’s stock by August 20 will be eligible.



Cutix is this week’s pick thanks to the company’s decision to offer shareholders an N0.15 per share dividend as well as a bonus payout of one new share for every existing share. Investors who own the company’s stock by the 12th of November will be eligible for both awards, with payment set for November 29.

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