Awajiowa Ibotile: Education, Skills and Endorsements

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Awajiowa Ibotile is an accomplished professional with a passion for administration and information technology. With a wealth of experience, Awajiowa is constantly striving for excellence in their field.

Currently serving as an Administrator at Awajis, a position held since September 2012, Awajiowa has dedicated over a decade to their work. Based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, they have consistently demonstrated their commitment and proficiency in their role. As a part-time administrator, Awajiowa Ibotile has effectively managed various responsibilities and contributed to the success of the organization.

Awajiowa Ibotile Educational Background

Awajiowa’s educational background is equally impressive. They obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree in Petroleum Engineering from the prestigious University of Uyo, Nigeria. Graduating in 2017, Awajiowa equipped themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the petroleum engineering industry.

Awajiowa Ibotile

To further enhance their expertise, Awajiowa Ibotile pursued additional certifications. They completed the Google IT Support Specialization program through Coursera in January 2022, acquiring valuable skills in IT support. They also obtained a System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services certification, further solidifying their knowledge and competence in the field. Additionally, Awajiowa earned a credential in Responsive Web Design from freeCodeCamp in June 2021, showcasing their proficiency in this area as well.

Awajiowa possesses a wide range of skills and knowledge in various domains. With endorsements in Windows, Microsoft Office, teamwork, strategic planning, social media, research, and leadership, they demonstrate their proficiency in these areas. Additionally, their ability to communicate effectively in English is supported by endorsements from colleagues. Awajiowa’s dedication to continuous learning and growth is evident in their pursuit of certifications and their commitment to staying up-to-date with industry advancements.

With a solid educational background, extensive work experience, and a dedication to professional development, Awajiowa Ibotile is a remarkable individual who continues to make valuable contributions in the fields of administration and information technology.

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