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Ways to Handle Stress

Ways to Handle Stress – What is stress and what causes stress

Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. stress is inevitable as human beings can help motivate to get things done. However, high stress from illness, job loss or a painful event in one’s life is capable of causing stress. Luckily, there are ways individuals can manage stress before it becomes too much.

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Physical activity can help improve your sleep, sleeping well is one of the strategies of stress management. People who exercise or work out regularly tend to sleep deep, which helps renew the brain and body. But exercising code to bedtime, could disrupt sleep for some people. Individuals who exercise frequently feel less anxious and more positive about themselves. Interestingly, when your body feels good, your mind is set for the day. Here are the following exercises you could try at and in the gym:
 Running
 Dancing
 Cycling
 Aerobics
 Swimming
 Bike riding instead of driving
 Use stairs instead of elevators
 Hand- wash your car
 Cleaning of the house


There are several benefits of eating healthy meals, one of which is the fact that healthy food helps you sleep well. An healthy diet can help lessen stress and build your immune system, level your mood and lower your blood pressure. Be watchful, because junks can seem even more appealing when you’re under stress. Look out for foods with carbohydrates, lean proteins and fatty acid found in fish, meat, nuts and eggs.
Antioxidants are great for lessening stress. They fight against damages that chronic stress can cause. Examples of antioxidants are:
 Beans
 Fruits
 Berries
 Vegetables
 Spices
Again, try to carry healthy snack when leaving the house to office.


A common side effect of stress that you may have problems falling asleep. Lack of sleep can contribute to your stress level and cause sleeplessness. You can avoid sleeplessness from doing the below:
 Exercise regularly
 Get out in the sunlight
 Drink less alcohol and caffeine close to bedtime.

Relaxation techniques
Yoga which has to do with deep breathing, slow movement and stretching are good for lowering your anxiety and stress.

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This works for many people and with many benefits. It can lower anxiety, stress and chronic pain as well as improve sleep and mood.

Laughter Therapy

Laughing more often boost your lungs , muscles and heart. Also, the body releases those feel – good hormones.

Talk Therapy

Long – term therapy help some people deal with stress. Perhaps a cognitive behavioral therapy helps you change negative thought patterns.

Connect with people

Spend time with a friend or family member who will listen to you. It is a natural way to calm you and lower your stress. When you connect with people in person, your body releases a hormone that stops your fight-or-flight response.

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