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Tips and Tricks for Law Marketing

Tips and Tricks for Law Marketing – John Mulaney, a former writer for Saturday Night Live and a well-known stand-up comedian, does a hilarious skit about investigating murders before DNA testing was available. He joked that a detective’s assistant might notice a puddle of the killer’s blood in the corridor and be forced to mop it up while the detective investigates his hazy suspicion.

Back in the day, the concept of law marketing was equally amusing. To get the word out about your law firm around town, you basically had to rely on hearsay. Without a website or a social media presence to vouch for them, anyone could pretend to be a lawyer if they dressed the part. When smoke signals were the only effective technique to communicate across long distances, fake attorneys must have been a significant issue.

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It’s entirely another ballgame nowadays, of course. Sure, you were intelligent enough to pass law school and the bar exam. However, you are now in need of assistance with marketing your practice. That’s where we come in and impart our wisdom.

Let’s start with some of the issues that lawyers face when using paid searches. The cost is the most severe issue. It’s not unusual for a legal firm’s monthly PPC spend to range from $50,000 to $100,000. Furthermore, the competition is fierce, making it tough to target ads to consumers with situations that provide a sufficient return. As a result, if you don’t have a firm grasp on web advertising, your practice could end up paying tens of thousands of dollars every month on clicks that yield little to no return. Yikes.

A smart initial step is to perform a keyword search to discover what your competitors are doing. Then make an effort to improve. Make some killer CTAs that get your prospects to take action. Develop ad extensions to provide as much information as feasible to them. Tell them one or two characteristics about your practice that distinguishes it from the one down the street.

It’s vital to tailor your ad to the level of intent of the searcher. You’re considerably more likely to get a click to a FAQ page or a blog post if they search for something with a minimal plan (“what do personal injury lawyers do?”). If the searcher has a high level of intent (e.g., “personal injury lawyer near me”), it’s a good idea to promote a quick solution: Get Injury Compensation Today. It’s crucial to know where a prospect stands on the intent scale and personalize your search ads accordingly.

Better yet, skip the landing page entirely when creating search advertising for high intent keywords and direct the prospect to call right away. You can do this by simply employing a call extension or replacing your headline with your phone number. In any event, keep note of your phone calls. This allows you to tweak your strategy and track when your prospects call the most, which you can use to adapt your bids to specific times of the day.

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When landing pages aren’t an option, use video content to add personality and establish trust. With video, you have a couple of options. Prospects will be more trusting of you if you create a small video describing who you are and how you can help. You might also use video to provide client testimonials. These will demonstrate to prospects that you have worked with clients who are similar to them and have done an excellent job. In addition, video content increases traffic from the SERPs, partly because it improves the Quality Score of your landing sites.

Finally, to supplement other advertising and enhance your brand, use the Google Display Network (GDN). In the legal profession, display advertising is underutilized, and the CPCs are extremely low. The display is a low-cost technique to strengthen and distinguish your brand from the competition.

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