Jumia Treasure Hunt Tips and Tricks

Jumia Treasure Hunt Tips and Tricks: How To Crackand Win!

Even after following the rules, the majority of people still have trouble solving the riddle.

The chances of winning are modest, but not impossible, given the number of people that are participating in the treasure hunt game.

With the help of the rules and clues I’m about to give you, you may be able to win your first ever treasure hunt present at an astounding price by following the rules and following the clues.

  1. Use Jumia Mobile App

The Jumia app also sends users reminders on the most exciting discounts, such as the Jumia treasure hunts and App Only deals.

Subscribe to Jumia’s email for access to additional deals and frequent updates on the finest offers.

The Jumia Treasure Hunt requires you to download the Jumia app.

Participants will also require the Jumia App to obtain clues on where to find a certain item, improving their chances of winning.

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  1. Use Superfast internet

If you want to have a chance of winning, you’ll need a gadget with a lot of RAM and a fast internet connection.

Comparatively, finding a treasured item that doesn’t continuously load is easier.

  1. Begin Your Search Early And Never Quit

Make sure your search begins at least 5-10 minutes before the game begins and continues until the timer goes off.

On the other hand, most people hunt for the goal and then give up somewhere along the road.

Since it’s a game, the item could be dropped at any point along the path from the beginning to the end.

Your chances of winning will be harmed if you start early and stop early. The same is true if you start in the middle of the field.

  1. Use The Jumia Search Filters To Narrow Down Your Search

If you’re having trouble narrowing down your search, try using the Jumia search filters.

Because Treasure Hunt items are known to emerge and go as you narrow down your filter, make sure to refresh your search as often as you can as you do so!

Jumia has provided you with a category to search for, and only that category can lead you to the precious item.

  1. Follow Jumia On Social Media To Get More Information

Follow Jumia’s official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to stay up-to-date on the newest news.

Keep an eye out for the daily live video updates on various social media sites, as some indications may emerge through these channels.

Other treasure hunters can greatly increase your chances of success.

On their official Treasure Hunt page, you can also learn more about the goods and schedule a time to participate.

  1. Link your Payment To JumiaPay

You can make payments online safely, rapidly, and cost-effectively with JumiaPay.

To enhance your chances of purchasing the merchandise, you need also link your ATM card with JumiaPay.

Everything that can slow you down must be removed.

NOTE: As soon as you find the item, place your purchase and pay instantly. Other customers may find it at the same time as you, so the person who pays the fastest wins. Remember to use your common sense!

Is Jumia Treasure Hunt Real

To verify that Jumia Treasure Hunt is not a hoax, it is possible to contact real-life testifiers with real names and authentic social media accounts.

Some doubt if anyone has ever won the Jumia Treasure Hunt contest before.

You can read more true testimonials about Jumia’s treasure quest here, here, and here.

As a world-class eCommerce store, Jumia is devoted to providing the finest and will not swindle anyone out of their hard-earned money.

Each day, a single winner emerged from the Treasure Hunts that were both exhilarating for everybody who participated.

To increase your chances of finding that hidden treasure, use the instructions above.

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Get the finest deals at 99 percent off during Jumia Treasure Hunt 2021.

As a result, you must follow the above-mentioned tips and methods to succeed in this great game.

Check out this Treasure Hunts Cheats cheats page for more information.

You can still get great bargains on Jumia even if you can’t make it to the Treasure Hunt.

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