How Nigerians Are Being Enslaved by Foreigners’ in Nigeria

How Nigerians Are Being Enslaved by Foreigners’ in Nigeria

I once worked with an Indian man here in Nigeria and from my experience, I could make bold to say “We have become slaves in the hands of foreigners here in our own country”. If I hadn’t worked with another Indian man, I wouldn’t have concluded in this article am about to begin that ‘Indians are never the right people to work with ever in life’.

By Editorial Times
Just yesterday, Editorial times got some reportage from some Nigerian individuals who expressed the ordeal they faced in the hands of their employer; Indomie, a popular noodle company in Nigeria.

In their words, they said they were not allowed to leave for six months as they were held captive by their employer on the ground that they may bring in the Coronavirus to the company if they are allowed to go to their various homes. And instead, he decided against their will to hold them captive in the Company and not letting them go to their various homes for six months

The condition was that, if they decided to leave, they are living with their resignation letter. And never to return to the company again. The foreigners now capitalize on the fact that they are no jobs in Nigeria and that makes them do and undo, knowing fully well their employees are left with no choice at the end.

But then, one would wonder what the work of Minister of Labour and Employment in Nigeria is. The other time, the minister was seeing on live broadcast, bragging about how he is a Lagos boy; a Victoria Island boy, a man referring to himself as ‘boy’ in a verbal challenge with one House of Representative member representing Mushin area constituency in Lagos.

You would ask; is that what the work of Minister of Labour and employment are for or whether is even right for such an old man to be bragging about being an area boy at his age? Hell no!! That goes on to tell you the kind of leaders we have in Nigeria. They see themselves as outlaws, they believe they can do and undo… And so are most foreigners who come to Nigeria to invest in the country.

In the end, that is the sad reality of the Nigerian state today. Our people have become slaves in their Fatherland, Foreigners come to Nigeria in their numbers and do as they wish while our leaders see nothing to be wrong with their conduct. Especially the Indians, they treat Nigerians who work for them like slaves and you would wonder why it is so.

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