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Have you at any time inquired as to why the first thing a new born baby does is to cry and not to laugh?

Offer your insights…



But then, here is what I think.


Firstly, I think it is a natural issue. Infant changes condition and is attempting to adjust to another one.

Notwithstanding, from what I’ve read, really, not all children cry with their first breath in the wake of being conceived.

However, all infants will cry within a couple of moments if they are not immediately reunited with their mother.

This is a basic transformation that makes it more uncertain that they will get overlooked.

Actually, there is some proof that child cries have explicitly developed to be as irritating and difficult to overlook as could reasonably be expected.

Past the initial couple of moments of life and their first feed, neonatal babies may cry since they are wounded and sore from the injury of birth, however by and large the cycle is so debilitating for them that they will rest for the following eight hours or so.

Then again, entertainingly… A few people accept that new conceived infants cry in view of the weight and battles of life that are way a lot heavier to bear over the span of living.

There is this simple Nigerian analogy expressed with broken English that “for street there’s no brother ooo”. Which is more like saying that there is no brother in the jungle. And it goes on to say that newly born babies foresee the struggle and hardship in the journey of life and that makes them cry.

More so, biologically, some say it is due to the sudden change of environment and conditions around them while others believe it is because of the pain associated with birthing anything good.

This article is to get people’s opinions on what they think is responsible for the reasons newly born babies cry immediately after their birth. Therefore, you can call it an opinion pool and as I hope to get your varying opinions, likely we may hit the answer that could make us understand this age long tradition of newly born babies crying immediately after birth. The opinions so far were gathered from people I had a direct discussion with in the course of carrying out this assignment but meanwhile, below are the responses of my immediate elder sister and my uncle.

My sister said; when she was in the process of giving birth, at a state of pushing that she turned out to be so worn out and frail and couldn’t push so the medical attendant resembled “you wouldn’t need your child to cry right?” and she started to hit her legs so she could push. Basically, she believes it’s an indication that the infant is okay, buzzing with a sound mind.

My uncle, on the opposite side, believes that from the second the baby is being imagined in the belly everything about the kid is focused on the mother. The baby eats what she eats, it fundamentally carries on with the life of the mother. However, when the umbilical string is removed, the kid starts to carry on with their life. That is the kid is disregarded to confront the truth of life and the startling truth of life makes the child cry.


Amazing you would say!! Yet, in the interim, let me have your considerations…

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