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Hacking A Facebook Or WhatsApp Account: Causes And Solutions


Hackers are not ghosts!

Hackers are not supernatural beings. They are normal humans like us just that they’re greedy and have criminal intent to harm, defraud or blackmail their victims.

An account that seems to be doing well in terms of traffic, likes, shares and followership is often targeted by hackers to perpetrate their acts. But the truth is, you can protect your account from being hacked and the only thing that could make you become vulnerable is when you become careless.

Carelessness here means not being smart enough to read some text messages, emails or info sent to you via Google, Facebook or twitter as the case may be. Some of these messages are warnings, heralding you of an intruder or intrusion on your space. But we see those messages as spam, and the next thing, we delete without even reading.

Some people are careless to the extent that they cannot stay without being online. Once their battery goes flat, they rush to the next available cafe, friend’s phone, laptop or desktop to login Facebook or any of their social media accounts. By so doing, you’ve exposed yourself and account to hackers if/when they have access to such devices. Have your ever imagined what would happen if there’s power failure while you’re yet online or your friend’s phone battery dies?

Most of the time, I see young guys and girls using strange applications here on Facebook. Stuff like: How I will look when I am 90; How I will when I am Fifty years, What is the cause of my death, How my baby will look like; some applications even tell you the date of your death . You login with happiness and even publish it on Facebook not knowing that these malicious apps have access to your login details and informations. Most of these apps are dangerous and malicious malwares that may come back to destroy us.


1. Logging in our details anywhere and anyhow maybe using our friend’s device
2. Not logging out properly maybe due to power failure or no time left to do so
3. Taking spoilt devices to repairers and not logging out before doing so
4. Accepting friend requests from strange faces, strange names and chatting with them
5. Using your date of birth or mobile number as your login credentials
6. Sharing password with friends to help you in doing something, and not changing the password immediately
7. Having too many passwords
8. Keeping a password for too long without changing it
9. Changing devices without logging out or resetting the devices
10. Allowing people access to your social media handles to either read or see pictures when you’re not physically present.
11. Always clicking on any kind of link


If you avoid all the aforementioned. You’re safe to a very huge extent. But the surest easy to keep you safe and secure is ‘THE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION’ which was introduced by the developers of Facebook and also WhatsApp to keep you safe.

Once you have your account authenticated, you will always get a notification on your phone that someone is about to login your account and a code will be sent to you. Once you input that code, access is granted. But if you suspect it’s a stranger, all you need do is ignore or delete the message. The hacker will sweat till forever and not succeed.

Finally, it is best to open an account using email and not phone numbers. Numbers could get misplaced, phones stolen etc. But your email is secure and also has a recovery email in case you have challenges.


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