Education – Keyword research is critical in education marketing; nevertheless, while it should be the first step, it should not last.

Let’s go through some of the particular issues that education marketers face and some of the techniques that can help you overcome them.

Keywords connected to “MBA” degrees were in eighth place (at $62.78 per click) in a WordStream assessment of the 20 most costly keywords in Bing Ads in 2015. Clients in education frequently have limited budgets, which makes things even more challenging.

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Seasonality considerations in education marketing

A seasonal strategy is one way to combat tight budgets and pricey keywords. Spend more on PPC advertisements in the late winter and early spring (when prospective students are researching/applying) than in the summer.

Build out your remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is another important PPC strategy (for all paid search accounts, but notably for education paid search accounts). Because of the nature of the sector, we focus especially hard on remarketing. Unless a customer finds your PPC ad through some iteration of branded keywords, they will most likely need many engagements with your brand before making a decision. You can gradually nurture these leads toward conversion by launching aggressive remarketing efforts.

Separate disciplines/programs into separate campaigns

It’s a good idea to go granular when performing PPC in the education market. Programs like Computer Science, Economics, and Pediatrics, for example, should all have their campaigns in higher education marketing (as opposed to making them ad groups within an Applied Sciences umbrella campaign).

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Because CPCs vary greatly depending on the field of study—business, for example, has extremely high CPCs—designating each program as its campaign will give you the most control over your spending.

Think twice about bidding on brand terms

In terms of branded keywords, while we usually recommend bidding on your keywords, education is one of the rare industries where you should reconsider this strategy. The rationale for this is because students who already attend your client’s school, or parents whose children attend your client’s school, will be clicking through your text ad to reach your client’s webpage regularly. As a result, bidding on your own branded phrases has the potential to significantly increase your click expenses.

Increase conversions with shorter lead forms

Another smart education marketing technique is to keep form sizes to a minimum. Higher education tends to want to obtain as much information as possible from potential leads; however, firms with ten or more questions can turn off leads, lowering your conversion rate and making nurture marketing more difficult.

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While each student’s path is unique, one thing is certain: marketing in higher education presents a distinct set of problems. In this article, you’ll discover how to prepare for those obstacles and establish a successful higher education marketing strategy using 11 proven strategies:

  1. Create social campaigns that are tailored and targeted.
  2. Make an emotional connection with your potential students.
  3. Make your school stand out from the crowd.
  4. Allow your happy and successful pupils to speak for themselves.
  5. Hold in-person events to foster personal ties.
  6. To promote your institution, team up with successful alumni.
  7. Use video marketing to your advantage.
  8. Start a blog that is well-written and inspiring.
  9. Make the most of your good press.
  10. Advertise on well-known podcasts.
  11. Guerilla marketing is a great way to get your message out there.
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