best deals on Jumia Black Friday

Best Deals on Jumia Black Friday

Best deals on Jumia Black Friday – Treasure Hunting is one of the greatest ways to obtain the best deals on Jumia Black Friday and other Jumia events like Anniversary and Jumia Tech Week. Jumia Treasure Hunt is a high-end game that Jumia offers during special events like Black Friday and Anniversary, in which customers are given a succession of ideas and clues to uncover treasured things hidden in categories unrelated to the valued commodities.

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The prize item is usually a significantly discounted item (up to 99 percent off) that is hidden across the Jumia website and must be purchased as soon as possible before someone else does. You’ll need a suggestion to boost your chances of searching in the right direction. It can take anything from 10 to 15 minutes, or even longer, to find the treasure hunt. However, in the end, a winner must emerge. It should be noted, however, that not everyone will win, but you should be better equipped with the best advice we can provide.

How Jumia Treasure Hunt Works?

Jumia Treasure Hunt Works In The Following Steps

  • On the Jumia Treasure Hunt official page, you may look up the Treasure Hunt items and the start time.
  • Open the Jumia Mobile App and log in.
  • To find out how to go about it, click on the Treasure Hunt clue.
  • Begin looking for the item at the stated time.
  • Jumia has suggested that you look for a treasured item in the required category.
  • At 99 percent off, each item has only one unit available.
  • Continue your search and wait patiently for the item to appear.
  • Each item will be concealed in a category that is irrelevant to it.
  • Once you’ve found it, place your order as soon as possible!!

Treasure Hunt is only available on the Jumia App and does not accept cash on delivery.

How you can Find Jumia Treasure Hunt in 2021

  • First, Open the Jumia App
  • Then, click on the Treasure Hunt Banner For Clue.
  • Start searching
  • Find the Treasure
  • Checkout FAST with Jumia Pay

Jumia Treasure Hunt 2021 Terms and Conditions 

Treasure hunt agreements are governed by laws and regulations, as well as criteria to check eligibility for participation, as outlined below:

Jumia Treasure Hunt Rules

  • Only ONE thing every treasure hunt is available, and it’s nearly free at 99 percent off.
  • The daily item is buried on the website at random (for example, a TV could be placed under the Women shoe category under the name “Slippers”). The rest of the items or products stays the same.
  • The calendar displays the date and time.
  • Treasure hunt clues are typically offered on the Jumia app. Thus it is necessary to log into your account a few minutes prior to the start of the event and click on the clue(s) provided to begin your search.
  • Use the hints to figure out where to look.
  • Once you’ve found it, place your order as soon as possible!!
  • Treasure Hunt Items do not have a pay-on-delivery option.

Eligibility Criteria

  • During this campaign, a buyer can only purchase ONE treasure hunt item.
  • To pick up the item, the winner must be physically present at the Jumia Corporate office.
  • The winner consents to Jumia using his or her photos for promotional purposes.
  • Winners must authenticate their identity online using a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account.
  • A prior treasure hunt winner is ineligible to win again.Read also: PayPal Account | How To Login To PayPal Account

Jumia Treasure Hunt Clues 2021

Here are top tips & clues on how to spot one of these rare treasures during the Jumia Treasure Hunt contest

  • The objects for the treasure hunt are announced on all of Jumia’s social media accounts.
  • As a result, if you follow Jumia on various social media platforms, you’ll have a better chance of acquiring first-hand information.
  • Keep in mind that for each Treasure Hunt product that is advertised, there is only one item available.
  • The item could be hidden in any part of the Jumia website.
  • To locate it, you must conduct a thorough search throughout all purchasing categories (For example, an iPhone X treasure hunt might be hidden in the diaper section).
  • Finding the right product isn’t enough. Place an order for it as soon as possible, and make sure you receive an order confirmation. Before you tweet about it, do this. It’s a race to see who has the fastest fingertips.


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