A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

The Maxim or proverb above implies that a friend who renders help to a fellow friend in time of need is the true friend. Friendship is intended to upset deficiency in human relationships. Some friends are absolutely parasites, while others are like ice blocks.

“A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed” is a phrase that describes the most important features of a true friend. In other words, the phrase means that a true friend is a person who helps someone at a time of need. Such a friend is certainly a precious asset in an individual’s life.


It is in this light that I will narrate this story of two friends. Once upon a time, there was a man named Ugbaje Ojoma. This man had a friend by name James Amanabo. The two friends attended the same primary school at Ugwoda, a village in Idah Local Government area of Kogi state. While Ojoma completed his secondary education, Amanabo his friend went to learn driving. At the completion of Ojoma education, he secured a teaching job in a school at a village in Ugwoda near the riverside. As if the two friends were never to be separated, the search for work also took Amanabo to the same area where he was driving one of the cars of Mr Olokwu. By virtue of their closeness, people usually refer to them as David and Jonathan. Aside from being a driver, Amanabo was also a fisherman who knew how to swim. The two friends lived in the same house, they also put on the same clothes which made people like them. Ojoma got married after working for four years as a teacher and gave birth to two children. His friend Amanabo still remained a bachelor at that time. One day, Ojoma was returning from the school where he was teaching in a canoe. After the men who were paddling the canoe had paddled for thirty minutes inside the big river, their canoe capsized. But quite fortunate for Ojoma, his friend Amanabo was fishing in a canoe at the time when he saw his friend drowning. With Desperation to rescue his friend from the face of death, he jumped into the river and succeeded in rescuing Ojoma his bosom friend after five minutes of searching inside the river. The men paddling the canoe swam to safety. On getting out of the river, Amanabo laid his friend flat on his back by the river bank and pressed his stomach in order to get rid of the water in his belly. Amanabo eventually succeeded in reviving his intimate friend whom he later took to the hospital where he was on admission for three days. Ojoma could have died and his wife and his children would have become widow and orphans respectively if not for the help of his good friend Amanabo. “Indeed, a friend in need is a friend indeed”.



·         A friend in need helps one feel less lonely. A helpful friend certainly eliminates feelings of loneliness. This is because such a friend reflects life back and all the things one has in common.


·         A friend in need is someone who improves and builds self-confidence in his friend. An individual’s number one friend is his friend in need. Also, such a friend would tell how great he feels about you. Consequently, this significantly increases an individual’s self-confidence.

·         A friend in need is someone who provides a reality check for you. Such a friend, besides telling positive things, is not afraid to explain an individual’s shortcomings. This certainly helps an individual in overcoming his weaknesses. Therefore, a true friend would pull you back down to earth.


·         A friend in need is certainly a supporter of your dreams and aspirations. more so, a true friend would always believe in you. Again, such a friend does not discourage you from your ambitions. And such a friend believes in the efforts of his friend and supports him in every manner.


·         A friend in need would stand by you in any situation or circumstance. Certainly, a friend in need is not a backstabber or the one who betrays.



·         You should express yourself as a safe place for your friend. present yourself as a trustworthy individual so that your friend can confide in you.


·         Being a careful listener; you should carefully listen to each and every word your friend says and if possible, memorize what one’s friend says, especially if it’s something important.


·         You must show proper respect for your friend. Above all, one must respect and honor what one’s friend says or does. One must certainly not disrespect their friend’s point of view.


·          A true friend must provide non-judgemental perspectives. Therefore, you should help your friend to see all sides of each issue. A true friend must help one make use of logical decisions rather than being emotional.

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