Access Bank Director Buys Two Million Unit Shares Worth N20m

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  • Okey Nwuke, Director of Access Bank Plc, has purchased two million units of the bank’s shares, indicating confidence in its growth.
  • The transaction, valued at over N20 million, took place on May 16, 2023, and was reported on the Nigerian Exchange.

Director of Access Bank Shows Confidence by Acquiring Bank’s Shares

Okey Nwuke, a Director at Access Bank Plc, a subsidiary of Access Holdings Plc, has made a noteworthy move in the stock market. On May 16, 2023, Nwuke acquired two million units of the bank’s shares, as per a filing on the Nigerian Exchange Limited.

The transaction took place at a rate of 10.20 Naira per share, resulting in a total worth of 20.4 million Naira. Nwuke’s significant investment demonstrates his belief in the bank’s long-term prospects and its commitment to delivering value to shareholders.

Access Bank’s Growth and Expansion

Access Bank Plc has been making headlines for its remarkable achievements, including breaking banking records and expanding its presence in various African countries, as well as the United Kingdom. The bank recently announced the establishment of a new branch with a focus on trade finance in France.

The decision to open a branch in France stems from the need to establish a presence in another European country following Brexit. Access Bank already has a strong presence in the United Kingdom, and France offers an ideal platform for further expansion, particularly in Francophone Africa.

Continued Success and Outlook

Access Bank’s recent milestones, combined with the Director’s acquisition of shares, signify the bank’s commitment to growth and its ability to seize opportunities in the market. With a strong presence in Nigeria and expanding operations in other African countries, Access Bank is well-positioned for continued success.

The acquisition of shares by Okey Nwuke, along with the bank’s strategic expansion plans, instils confidence in shareholders and stakeholders alike. Access Bank Plc remains focused on delivering value and building a robust financial institution that serves its customers and drives economic development.

Okey Nwuke, Director of Access Bank Plc, has acquired two million units of the bank’s shares, highlighting his confidence in the bank’s growth and future prospects. Access Bank’s recent achievements, such as breaking banking records and expanding into new markets, further reinforce its position as a leading financial institution. With a strong presence in Nigeria and a commitment to delivering value, Access Bank continues to make strides in the industry.

Source: Editorial Times