10 Stunning and Adventurous Places To Visit Around The World

10 Stunning Places To Visit Around The World: Do you have an adventurous spirit? Do you want a place to visit, enjoy the scenery and come back with sand on your feet?

Are you a person who loves finding out about new places? Then we have exactly what you need. Here, we show you 10 breathtaking destinations perfect for your kind of person.

1) Rainbow Mountains, China

These mountains earned their name by sporting so many wonderful colours. Erosions and shifts to the tectonic plates around this area blessed these mountains with their amazing features and it truly is a sight for sore eyes.

2) Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Tip: Don’t go during the rainy season. The Kuang SI Falls is usually open for visits after the rainy season to allow visitors to appreciate it more. It’s a 60-meter-high fall that pours into a remarkably blue pool.
It is more accessible from Luang Prabang City and is a 29-kilometre journey from there.

3) Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

Ice caves! Yes, that is right. The Mendenhall Ice Caves is 17 kilometres in length and is a tunnel formed by flowing water. It is longstanding and is said to have formed about 3000 years ago.
You may need some courage to go in there, but when you find some, you’ll be glad you did.

4) Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

It is rumoured that pictures do not do this place justice! Because that is true, Plitvice Lakes is a place to be. It stands proudly with its beautiful array of lakes and waterfalls boasting of a bear sighting or two from time to time. Located securely in the National Park, this is another place to see.

5) Islet of villa Franca do Campo, Azores

This beautiful island is notably diamond shaped and is a perfect example of using lemons to make lemonade. The Villa which once had a volcano, now proudly sports a swimming pool when the volcano collapsed. After a short ferry ride from the Tagarete Pier, beautiful scenery and experience await you.

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6) Mount Gomi, Georgia

Here’s another mountain you need to add to your list. At 2700m above sea level, it’s available for visits at any time of the year. Located in the western part of the country of Georgia, its sights vary as seasons change and luckily, there are hotels to allow you to stay however long you desire.

7) Benagil Cave, Portugal

A cave in Southern Portugal with strikingly Golden sand, that’s what Benagil Cave offers. At any time during the year, including winter, you can walk around these caves and marvel at the wonderful creation and the beauty in our lands.

8) Lovatnet Lake, Norway

In the middle of the great mountains surrounding it, it looks like a little beautiful baby. Shining with beautiful surroundings and an almost ethereal feel, it promises a great summertime vacation. Lovatnet Lake has meltwater, a relaxing feeling and offers you quiet, a peaceful feeling and a well-needed thinking space.

9) Iguazu Falls, Brazil

George of the Jungle feels, anyone?
Iguazu Falls gives you the beauty and adventure rush. With bridges built high enough to impress, and monkeys and caimans to observe, it gives you a true Brazilian feel. While walking on those tiny bridges may scare you a little, the adrenaline is just what you need for a perfect adventure.

10) La Digue Island, Seychelles

To cap it off, here’s a picturesque island just for you. It presents the typical but always magical blue-wavy water, a beach with white cool sand, and laid-back people. La Digue Island is waiting to be explored.

Source: Editorial Times